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Developers can discover and learn about ComAp API. Just sign up for an API key and start consuming this API right away!

API is available in our 3 months Trial account or in all Pro accounts.

Caution: To use ComAp Cloud API you need to have ComAp Cloud Identity registered. You can find guide, how to register here.

Then you need your application registered. You can find guide, how to register here.

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'What does it mean to be the global leader in the heart of smart control? For me, it is the fact that independent of where you are, we are very close to our customers, we are easy to do business with and we care about our people. That is the heart. Smart is for our products, as they are intelligent and offer a solution for a huge range of applications in a way that only ComAp can do. And last but not least – control. It is essential in our industry and without it, you are lost. That´s what I love about ComAp. We offer more than just products, and we do it globally.“